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Low Poly Stylized City VOL 1

DrCG Stylized Low Poly City is a modular flexible package of stylized 3D models. This package is Game/AR/VR Ready and Mobile Optimized.

01 What can it actually do? What exactly is it for?

You can easily use the assets in this project and build your game as soon as possible. These assets are modular and highly optimized for mobile games.
moreover, you can use it to make animated cartoons for kids (of course, you have to add human characters to the project if needed). You can also use the assets in Casual, Endless Runner, or Street Driving games and even Puzzle games. The choice is yours. Everything is completely ready to use.

02 Who is this product suitable for?

It doesn’t matter if you are an indie developer or a team consisting of several professional or hobbyist people. Using this product, you can easily make your own game or even cartoon movie in the fastest possible time and not get involved in modeling issues.


03 Features:

  • It Uses Only 1 Texture (7 KB) and 2 Material id
  • The total Size of the Project is: 31.7 MB (33,297,601 bytes)
  • Modular Town Tileset (Street & Bridge & River & City Wall Tiles) for Seamless exterior design
  • Great Looking Demo Scene
  •  Editor Utility Widget (Blutility) to switch between day and night
  •  Align and Transform Helper (Blutility)
  •  Has Material Parameter Collection (for Day & Night Material Control – Only Need to set 0 or 1)
  • Has no Light Map
  • All Objects are Movable

See and enjoy our stylized city in the day

Night in our fantasy city

What's Inside?

183 Different Object With 134,113 Poly Count

  • 27 Buildings and 12 Special Buildings

(Residential building, Flat, Apartment, Villa, Town House, Boarding house, Duplex, Mansion, Office, Commercial, Store, Shop, Mall, Garage, Automobile repair shop, Workshop, Pizza shop, Municipal Services, City Hall, School, Police Department, Fire station, Casino, Nightclub, Cinema, Motel, Gas-fired power plant, Cogeneration, Factory, Hospital, Football Stadium)

  • 20 Vehicles

Limousine (Limo), tram (train), SUV, Crossovers, Sedan, Coupe, Pickup, Taxi (Cab), Police Car, Hatchback, Food truck, Motortruck, Ambulance, School bus, Wagon, Van, Bus, Fire truck

  • 32 Trees & Bushes & Rocks to create a forest or fill a flower bed

Maple Tree, Palm Tree, Pine Tree Large Christmas Tree, Oak Tree, Linden Tree, Elm Tree. You can easily adjust their textures to fit a spring or fall scene

  • 25 Street Assets

Bus station, Fire hydrant, Trash bin, Mailbox, Payphone (public phone), Seat, Chair, Table, Advertise Blackboard, Traffic barrier & Cone & Cylinder, Wooden fence, Pedestrian bridge (footbridge), Traffic light, Traffic signs

  • 4 Different Clouds
  • 5 Forest Platform
  • 26 Modular Town Tileset (Street & Cross & Bridge & River & City Wall Tiles, Park & Building Platform, Tram Railway) for Seamless exterior design
  • Sports Area (Football and basketball field)
  • Root Assets

Air Condition, Dome Roof, Antenna, Water Tanker, Helipad, Canal, Chimney, Box

Project Tour in Unreal Engine