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Maravia mall and khaje Nasir hospital 3D and animation

Iran, Maragheh, Khorramshahr St., in front of Maskan Foundation 3D and animation by aaStudio Team (Mohammed Amanzadegan)

Project Brief

Hospitals and shopping complexes may seem like an odd combination, but in reality, it offers countless benefits to patients and their companions. One of the most important advantages is the variety of recreational and commercial spaces that are available to the companions during the patient's treatment. This causes distraction and rest from the stress and anxiety caused by being in the hospital environment.Animation and 3D of this collection was done by aaStudio team led by Mohammad Amanzadegan. 3D animation and rendering allows builders and architects to visualize structures before construction. The use of animation and 3D rendering saves time and money while ensuring the quality of construction.Overall, the combination of hospitals and shopping complexes may seem unconventional, but it offers a wide range of benefits and services that make it a great option for patients and builders.


Maravia mall and khaje Nasir 3D and animation


Architectural Designer



3D Visualization Team




Maragheh, Khorramshahr St., in front of Maskan Foundation

Our Approach

One of the necessities of every city is to have comfort and medical facilities. But what is the benefit of 3D rendering of projects before construction or even 3D rendering of interior decoration after construction? 3D rendering allows architects, designers, and developers to create a realistic representation of their vision, enabling them to make adjustments before the actual building or decorating process.This process also allows stakeholders and clients to see and experience the project in 3D, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the design. This eliminates the need for them to imagine what the actual project will look like, helping to reduce errors and miscommunications, ultimately saving time and money.As a result, 3D rendering is a powerful tool that offers many benefits. It can help create an immersive experience for stakeholders and clients, improve the communication process, reduce errors and miscommunications, and provide a valuable marketing tool for the real estate industry.

Introducing us

aaStudio specialists have created outstanding 3D renderings and animations of Khawaja Nasir Hospital and Maravia Business Center. These designs are a modern take on the architecture of hospitals and commercial centers, while adhering to important design principles. The end result is a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, paying attention to every detail to create a comfortable space for shopping and treatment.Collaboration with the employer Mrs. Najafi has created a space that is not only visually impressive but also efficient in the use of space. This makes it a smart investment for business owners looking for modern design in business center architecture.In conclusion, the design of Khajeh Nasir Hospital and Maravia Business Center is essential for those interested in contemporary architecture.

Human Experience

As consumers, we are often looking for a positive and relaxing environment for therapy and dynamic for shopping. One hospital in particular stands out in this regard - patients often describe it as "feeling good and relaxing" during their stay. One of the effective factors in creating this pleasant atmosphere is the use of blue and green colors in the decoration of the hospital. And a shopping center that is full of all kinds of facilities, from shopping to entertainment and food for when you are hungry.The color blue is often associated with calmness and comfort – making it a popular choice in creating a relaxing environment. These features are especially important in the hospital, where patients usually seek relief and treatment due to high stress.Creating a dynamic atmosphere is the key to a successful shopping center. A medical center and a shopping center with accompanying room and restaurant and fast food and including all these together can achieve this in a way that is attractive and relaxing for everyone.

Maravia mall and khaje Nasir hospital

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