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Marshall factory

Marshall household appliances factory in Shams Abad Industrial Town, Tehran ,animation and interior design by aaStudio Team (Mohammad amanzadegan)

Project Brief

Marshall Appliance Factory: A combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal Marshall Home Appliances Factory is a remarkable project designed by the famous aaStudio architectural team headed by Mohammad Amanzadegan. This factory located in Shams Abad, Tehran, is spread over an area of 12,000 square meters and is still under construction. The owner of the factory is Mr. Sangri, who has made sure that the design of the factory reflects the latest trends in modern architecture. The interior of the factory is incredibly well designed, taking into account functionality and aesthetic appeal. The entire factory combines form and function, allowing employees to feel comfortable and work in a pleasant environment. The aaStudio team also worked on the animation and 3D design of the factory. The team has done a fantastic job of creating a visual representation of the factory, giving people an insight into what the factory will look like once it's completed. In conclusion, the Marshall Appliance Factory is an outstanding project that showcases the results of excellent architectural design. A combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality make this factory a great place for employees and workers to spend long hours at work.


Marshall factory​


aaStudio IRAN

3D Visualization Team




IRAN, Tehran

Our Approach

Tehran is an energetic city with many experiences. Designed with human comfort in mind, the factory features symmetrical shapes and patterns on the exterior, but goes beyond appearance to create a comfortable space for employees. Natural light is maximized and there is a relaxation and entertainment area for staff. Visiting this factory will change your perspective on industrial environments. This shows that coordination, comfort and well-being of employees can be promoted even in highly industrialized environments. If you are interested in industrial design during your stay in Tehran, check it out.

Introducing us

Marshall Factory, designed by aaStudio led by Mohammad Amanzadegan, shows how industrial spaces can be transformed into stylish and cozy environments that optimize the work experience. Our extensive research enables us to effectively create beautiful and functional work environments, as seen in projects such as the Marshall Factory. We are proud to work with this group and look forward to creating more inspiring workspaces.

Human Experience

Marshall home appliances factory in Tehran is a dynamic workplace, equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. The factory prioritizes employee safety and comfort with proper ventilation and lighting. Overall, it is a great place for anyone passionate about innovation, quality, and a dynamic work environment.

The Marshall factory

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